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Author Jasmine Frink 

Jasmine Frink is a native of North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. She is the author of the Behold My Beauty Children’s book and CEO of the Behold My Beauty Brand. Professionally she works in the Public Relations and Marketing Field with expertise in print and television media. She was the founder and director of H.U.E Dance Company where she was able to share her passion for dance with students in Orangeburg. SC area for three and half years. These very students were the inspiration for her book. A member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority incorporated and Claflin University Outstanding Leaders Under 40 recipient. Jasmine is excited to encourage young women everywhere to love themselves out loud and scream to the world Behold My Beauty. 

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Behold My Beauty Children's Book  

Behold My Beauty was written and designed to encourage EVERYONE to Love & Appreciate themselves out loud just as they are. 

We are all beautiful and deserve to love ourselves just as we are where we are in life. 


Behold My Beauty Apparel

Created for Women and Children to wear with pride. Women and girls of all ages should be able to Scream to the World Behold My Beauty!! 

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Self- Appreciation 

Encouraging other women 

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